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Examples of how to use the search facility

If you want to access someone's contact details, enter name in Surname box. This produces a list of everyone with the specified surname.

If you need a list of crumhorn players, select Capped Reeds against category in the Search for people/groups column and "421 Crumhorn" against activity. If you want a broader selection of all Capped Reed performers, choose "420 Reedcaps" at the bottom of the drop down box under activity.

If you need a list of crumhorn makers, select Capped Reeds in the Category row in the Search for makers/suppliers column and "421a Crumhorn" in the activity row. If you want a wider selection of all Capped Reed makers, choose "420 Capped Reeds" at the bottom of the drop down box under activity.

If you want to limit any of the above searches to a specified country, select the required country in the Country box. In the case of the United Kingdom, you can further restrict the search to a specified area by selecting the required county or other area from the list, for example, Essex, London or London W. If you are looking for a world-wide list, choose the null option at the top of the Country Box.

To print out any list, use the Print option in your browser. (note phone numbers and printable email addresses only available to paid up members).

Please note that your finding a person, company or society with this search does not imply their endorsement by NEMA. Entries are in many cases supplied by the person or organisatio concerned and whilst they are vetted for legality and decency no guarantees can be given.

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