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Articles from recent NEMA Yearbooks

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NEMA Yearbook 2005

Thomas Tallis c.1505-1585    Alistair Dixon
Early music journals    Tess Knighton
Leicester Early Music Festival    John Bence
Early music on the Internet    David Fletcher
A note on NEMA’s website    Jane Beeson and Ted Copper
Join your Early Music Forum    David Fletcher
Small-scale music publishing: Edition Michael Procter    Michael Procter
Some Musical Instrument Collections in Saxony and Saxony Anhalt    Mark Windisch

NEMA Yearbook 2006

Thomas Tomkins    John Morehen
Johann Pachelbel    Michael Robertson
The Early Music Network    Glyn Russ
The Early Music Showcase:  Warwick, 24-26 September 2004  Richard Phillips
The Early Music Network’s Young Artists’ Competition:  York, 14-16 July 2005  Lindsay Kemp
The Early Music Exhibition    Richard Wood
Early Music in the 21 century:  a promoter’s insight  Kevin Appleby
The Suffolk Villages Festival    Peter Holman
North West Early Music Forum    Roger Wilkes
Musical instruments in the Horniman Museum    Matthew Spring

NEMA Yearbook 2007

At the 450th ‘Mynde’ of Nicholas Ludford    David Skinner
Les Délices de la Compagnie: a bassoonist’s  reflections on playing the music of Michel Corrette  Nadina Mackie Jackson
Music in the Church at Aust    Peter Dobbins
Newcastle Early Music Festival    Eric Cross
The Story of the Dolmetsch Summer School    Brian Blood
Border Marches Early Music Forum    Grayston Burgess & Hannah Davies
Cherchez le Web: the French baroque online    Graham Sadler
Every Pixel tells a Story: choirs and the web    Phillip Tolley
Early music and mainstream publishers    Clifford Bartlett
The Bate Collection of Musical Instruments    Jeremy Montagu
Lute Makers in the UK    Matthew Spring

NEMA Yearbook 2008

John Blow    Peter Holman
The E arly Music Showcase    Caroline Brown
The E arly Music Network’s International  Young Artists’ Competition  Lindsay Kemp
E njoying E arly Music: exploring music from  the past in community and education settings  Cathy Dew
John Rich and the E ighteenth-Century London Stage    Berta Joncus & Jeremy Barlow
The Galpin Society    Maggie Kilbey
E ar ly Music at the Djanogly Recital Hall,  Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham  Catherine Hocking
Lincoln E arly Music Festival    Helen Mason
Cambridge E arly Music Summer Schools    Selene Mills
North E ast E arly Music For um    Jillian Johnson
Handel Online    David Vickers
Facsimiles    Clifford Bartlett
Finchcocks Musical Instr ument Museum  - the home of early keyboards  Alastair Laurence
British recorder makers    Owen Morse-Brown

NEMA Yearbook 2009

In celebration of Handel    Christopher Hogwood
Henry Purcell his keyboard music and  the forthcoming revised Purcell Society edition  Andrew Woolley
Giovanni Croce : his life and work    Martin Morell & Michael Procter
NEMA Conference, July 2009:  Singing Music from 1500 to 1900  Richard Bethell
The Lute Society at 52    Christopher Goodwin
The Georgian Concert Society, Edinburgh    David Todd
Stour Music    Mark Deller
NORVIS: The Northumbrian Recorder and Viol School    Jane Beeson
South West Early Music Forum    Paul Fugler & Peter Leech
A Small Music Publisher    Cedric Lee
Royal College of Music Museum of Instruments    Jenny Nex & Lance Whitehead
Viol makers in Britain    Alison Crum
The Early Music Network: an update    Keith Bennett

NEMA Yearbook 2010

Thomas Arne    Peter Holman
Jean Ockeghem    Edward Wickham
The National Centre for Early Music,    York, Delma Tomlin
York Early Music International  Young Artists’ Competition 2009  Lindsay Kemp
Seventeenth-Century Ballet: a multi-art spectacle  An International Interdisciplinary Symposium  Barbara Grammeniati
The Viola da Gamba Society of Great Britain    Susanne Heinrich
Wigmore Hall’s Early Music and Baroque Series, 2009/10    Edward Bhesania
Oxford Baroque Week Summer School 1977-2009:  A Personal Reminiscence  Peter Collier
Eastern Early Music Forum    Robert Johnson
Royal Northern College of Music Collection of  Historic Musical Instruments  Anna Wright
A Survey of British Harpsichord Making 2009    Sophie Yates

NEMA Yearbook 2011

William Boyce    Peter Holman
Tomás Luis de Victoria    Peter Leech
Voluntary Arts England    Paul Devlin
NCEM: an update    Delma Tomlin
REMA 10th Anniversary Conference  NCEM – 9 July 2010  Lindsay Kemp
The Society of Recorder Players    Dick Pyper
Early Dance in the UK    Sharon Butler
Birmingham Early Music Festival    Mary O’Neill
Lacock Summer Schools    Andrew van der Beek
The Southern Early Music Forum    Stephen Penny
Musée de la musique, Paris    Mark Windisch
A survey of lip-reed instrument makers in Britain, 2010    Jamie Savan

NEMA Yearbook 2012

John Stanley (1712-1786)    Peter Holman
Giovanni Gabrieli (1554/7-1612):  sacred and instrumental music  Clifford Bartlett
Giovanni Gabrieli’s Madrigals    Martin Morell
DIAMM – the Digital Image Archive of Medieval Music    Julia Craig-McFeely
The Institute Of Musical Research    John Irving
York Early Music International Young Artists’ Competition 2011    Lindsay Kemp
Early Music at Kings Place    Helen Wallace
The British Harpsichord Society:  a brief history and overview  Pamela Nash
Developing a thriving early music event  in the current economic climate  Clare Norburn
Beauchamp House Early Music Courses    Alan Lumsden
The Midlands Early Music Forum    Edwin Griggs
Notes on some instrumental collections    Mark Windisch

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