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9. April 2021
Interview with Bruno Turner, Ivan Moody
A painted villanella: In Memoriam H. Colin Slim, Glen Wilson
To tie or not to tie? Editing early keyboard music, Francis Knights
Byrd Bibliography 2019-2020, Richard Turbet
The Historic Record of Vocal Sound (1650-1829), Richard Bethell
Collecting historic guitars, David Jacques
Composer Anniversaries in 2021, John Collins
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Musical instrument auctions
Obituary: Yvette Adams, Mark Windisch

8. October 2020
Interview with Jaap Schroder, Nicolette Moonen and Robin Kinross
'Di Sofonisma nobile Cremonesa, Musica, Letterata, e sopra tutto rarissima Pittrice', Naoko Akutagawa and Glen Wilson
Reconstructing Renaissance Polyphony: comparing original and replacement, Francis Knights, Mateo
Rodríguez and Pablo Padilla
To trill or trillo? A study in performance practice, Andrew Schultze
Editing the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book, Jon Baxendale
Revisiting George Marson, Joseph Sargent
Working with the past – a too personal approach to the violin, Peter Sheppard Skærved
Reconstructing piano actions of 19th century German keyed guitars, Daniel Weeldon
The National Centre for Early Music in its 20th anniversary year
– facing challenges, making music, Delma Tomlin
The 2020 Händel-Jahrbuch, Mark Windisch
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7. April 2020
Early music on postage stamps of the world by Douglas Briscoe
Tudor music: a selective bibliography of writings, 2008-2019 by Richard Turbet
Italian madrigals in the Paston manuscripts by Francis Knights
Composer anniversaries in 2020 by John Collins
Tudor polyphony and beyond by Anne Roberts
Colchester Early Music by Lizzie Gutteridge.
Bach Network 2019
The current state of performance practice studies
collections and collectors
Music in eighteenth-century Britain.
News, Events and Obituaries.

6. Autumn 2019
Interview with Brian Robins
Ancient Goddess love songs and the transcultural lyre, Emma Louise Weston
Twenty years of singing music from the Peterhouse partbooks, Scott Metcalfe
A new Tomkins edition, Ben Byram-Wigfield
Reconstructing our early music histories: the Baroque violin revival, Mimi Mitchell
Some articles from the 65th Händel Jahrbuch 2019, Mark Windisch
Guidelines for the systematic evaluation of early music theorists, Francis Knights
A History of Eastern Early Music Forum, Robert Johnson
Clifford Bartlett (1938-2019): an appreciation, Mark Windisch
Society of Recorder Players National Festival, Helen Hooker
Friends of Square Pianos study day, Francis Knights
The Musette, a court instrument, a short (lived) instrument, Amanda Babington
VIII Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival, Anna Maria McElwain
The Bach-Fest, Leipzig, Stephen Roe

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5. March 2019
Interview with Jane Clark
In Search of Boethius’ lost Songs of Consolation, Sam Barrett
In Defence of Real Lutes and Theorbos - Why History Matters, Michael Lowe
Byrd Bibliography, 2012-2018, Richard Turbet
Byrd Discography 2011-2018, Michael Greenhalgh
A binding from the library of John Bull at Cambridge University Library, Liam Sims
An Editor’s Reflections, Alan Brown
A new music table, Simon Lillystone
Should you be afraid of the metrical/double beat metronome approach?, Wim Winters
Composer Anniversaries 2019, John Collins
Music, Medievalism, and Modernism, Alexander Kolassa
Vocal Sound and Style 1450-1650, John W. Briggs
François Couperin: a 350th anniversary symposium, William Hunt
Handel Institute conference 2018, Mark Windisch
Thirty-Fourth Annual Conference on Music in 18th century Britain, Mark Windisch

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4. August 2018
Interview with David Lasocki
Recreating a harp after Hieronymous Bosch, George Stevens
The New Gesualdo Edition, Rodobaldo Tibaldi
Putting Thomas Morley on stage, Francis Knights
The Web Library of Seventeenth-century Music, Janette Tilley
In Search of Historically Informed Singing, Richard Bethell
Harold Samuel’s ‘Bach Weeks’, Pierre Riley
New music for two harpsichords: why, who and how, Alexander Blustin
Review: Pieces de Clavessin Composées Par Gaspard Le Roux, Derek Adlam
Symposium Disiecta Membra Musicae, Brianne Dolce
American Bach Society Conference, Alannah Rebekah Franklin
Friends of Square Pianos study day, Francis Knights
VII Nordic Historical Keyboard Festival, Anna Maria McElwain
Guitar Research Conference in Cambridge, Kenneth Sparr
International Conference on Historical Keyboard Music, Cristina Cassia

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3. March 2018
Interview with Jeremy Montagu
Ex Qvo? Vt Qva? Where have we come from? Where are we going?, Derek Adlam
The Hans Frei lute at Warwick, Adam Busiakiewicz
Straight tone singing through the Long 18th century, Richard Bethell
Johann Christoph Pepusch (1667-1752): Composer, performer, bibliophile, theorist, teacher and Organist of Charterhouse, Graham Matthews
Music from the Grand Tour, Chris Nex
Composer Anniversaries in 2018, John Collins
Up to date with early keyboards, Medea Bindewald
Eighth Johann Sebastian Bach Dialogue Meeting, Thomas Cressy
John Marsh’s house organ, Francis Knights
Vocal vibrato, John W. Briggs
NEMA Conference 2018

2. August 2017 (revised March 2018)
Interview with Peter Holman, Part 2
Greg Holt, Remembering Thurston Dart
David Hackett, The spinets of the Hitchcock dynasty: names, numbers, and dates
Graham Pont, Handelian performance practices in the recorded legacy: prelude to a revolution
Glen Wilson, Regarding the Chromatic Ricercar formerly attributed to Carel Luython

1. January 2017
Interview with Peter Holman, Part 1
Christopher Page, Samuel Pepys unplugged
Claudio di Veroli, A concise account of historical harpsichord ranges
Mark Windisch, Crumhorns give a delightful buzz
Alexander Blustin, Beaks and Quills re-invented
John Collins, Composer Anniversaries in 2017

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