National Early Music Association Newsletters

2. August 2017 Interview with Peter Holman, Part 2
Greg Holt, Remembering Thurston Dart
David Hackett, The spinets of the Hitchcock dynasty: names, numbers, and dates
Graham Pont, Handelian performance practices in the recorded legacy: prelude to a revolution
Glen Wilson, Regarding the Chromatic Ricercar formerly attributed to Carel Luython

1. January 2017
Interview with Peter Holman, Part 1
Christopher Page, Samuel Pepys unplugged
Claudio di Veroli, A concise account of historical harpsichord ranges
Mark Windisch, Crumhorns give a delightful buzz
Alexander Blustin, Beaks and Quills re-invented
John Collins, Composer Anniversaries in 2017

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