NEMA award 2020
Blondel performs medieval and renaissance music on shawms, bagpipes, curtals and recorders. It is easy to imagine how the bold tones of a shawm band cut across the hustle and bustle of dance and banquet halls, or even a city square. More surprising to modern ears is the joyful and sophisticated beauty that results from this uniquely blended sound. Blondelís past performances include concerts in the Cheltenham Festival (broadcast live by the BBC) Cambridge Early Music, Kingís Lynn Festival, Beaminster Festival, Leeds International Medieval Congress, the Wimbledon International Music Festival, Totnes Early Music Society, Barnes Music Festival, Worcester Early Music Festival, and Colchester Early Music. The Agincourt600 Committee commissioned us to record a CD based around the life of Henry V which is available as a free download play. Our latest album Of arms and a woman: A chronicle of love, loss, chivalry and memory was recently released by First Hand Records.