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National Early Music Association UK

President - Peter Holman

Chairman - Francis Knights

The National Early Music Association of the UK has existed since 1981 to bring together all concerned with early music and to forge links with other early music organisations in the UK and around the world. NEMA also acts to represent musicians in the early music field to outside bodies, when required.

Whatever your interest in early music - amateur or professional, scholar or performer, listener, instrument maker or CD buyer - you should join Nema. Click here for more about Nema and its history .

For a modest subscription members of NEMA receive Early Music Performer, NEMA's magazine which brings the most important new scholarship to practising early musicians, and keeps its readers up to date with the latest news from the world of historically informed performance. Members also receive a very informative twice-yearly newletter and have access to musical supplements and past papers from EM Performer and the Early Music Yearbook

Add your name or ensemble name to the NEMA Early Music Database.

The NEMA Early Music Database is the essential resource for the early music enthusiast. There is a Directory section giving sources of information, societies, music publishers, providers of performing material, concert promoters and artists' agents, record companies, early music fairs and courses, including summer schools. It has a Buyers' Guide to some 600 makers of early musical instrument worldwide, giving details of instrument types offered for sale. The Register section gives names and addresses of over 400 individuals, including details of their instruments and interests.

It costs nothing to have your details included in the database, whether or not you are a member of NEMA. Please fill in the online form for your entry in the Register, or in the Directory or Buyers' Guide, or both, or request a form from the Administrator.
  NEMA Newsletter

The latest NEMA Newsletter is now available for members here. It contains an interview with David Lasocki, articles by George Stevens, Rodobaldo Tibaldi, Francis Knights, Janette Tilley, Richard Bethell, Pierre Riley and Alexander Blustin, as well as full listings, Fora news and reports. To become a NEMA member click here.
For previous Newsletters (available to non-members after a year) click here.

Sheet music for download by NEMA members
Back-numbers of Early Music Performer can now be downloaded from the archive of earlier issues.
Past NEMA Conferences
  Oct 2018: Vocal Sound and Style 1450-1650
  Sep 2017: Early Keyboard Instruments And Their Music
  Jul 2013: Mechanical Musical Instruments and Historical Performance
Review by Mark Windisch
  Jul 2009: Singing music from 1500 to 1900
  Followed up in Oct 2009 by Nema Survey Report
  Jul 1999: From Renaissance to Baroque
Downloadable Facebook Discussions on Early Music
Scholarly Rigour and or Artistic Inspiration (2.6 Mb)
Vibrato discussions, Part 1, Threads V1 to V19 (4.7 Mb)
Vibrato discussions, Part 2, Threads V20 to V35 (3.3 Mb)
Vibrato discussions, Part 3, Threads V36 to V47 (4.5 Mb)
Conference papers for downloading by NEMA members
  Voices and Books Workshop 2014.
  The Hegemony of Italian Vocal Sound through the Long Eighteenth   Century (1675 to 1829) Richard Bethell download
  Thesis by Sarah Potter
Changing vocal style and technique in Britain during the long nineteenth century
Special offer to NEMA members: The Supernatural Voice, a revisionist history of falsetto singing in Western music by Simon Ravens. details.

Michael Procter's scholarly and practical editions of renaissance music are once again available for purchase Click for details

Greenwich International Festival of Early Music

Photos: Ted Copper and Mark Windisch



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